Fall Garden Projects: Plant a Spring Cut Garden

cut flower garden project Allium Allium Allium Dutch Iris Hyacinth Hyacinth leucojum Narcissus Narcissus NarcissusNarcissus Narcissus TulipTulip Tulip TulipTulip Tulip TulipTulipTulip

Everybody loves to give and receive flowers!

The ultimate pleasure is to be able to cut flowers from your own garden. The only problem is that picking flowers from your garden reduces the floral show. The perfect solution is to establish a separate cultivated area specifically as a cutting garden.


You can encourage hummingbirds to visit your own garden by planting one or more of the following:


Hyacinthus (hyacinth)

Iris hollandica (Dutch Iris)

Leucojum aestivum

Narcissus (daffodil)

Tulipa (tulip)

Tips and tricks for Success:

• Choose a location with direct sunlight and prepare the soil so that it drains well.


• Design the cutting garden for easy care and cutting. Arrange the bulbs/plants in straight rows of 3 foot wide garden beds (just like a vegetable garden). Make paths wide enough for easy access and to work comfortable.


• Imagine the bouquets you want to create, picking flowers and foliage you love.


• Plant bulbs and perennials together to have something at bloom at all times.


• Select bulbs and plants with a long vase life and strong stems like allium, dutch iris, hyacinths, leucojum, narcissi and tulips.


• Don’t forget to plant foliage plants for adding texture and color to your bouquet.