Plant a Mailbox Garden for Summer!

mailbox garden project begonia convallaria dicentra hosta canna crocosmia liatris lilies peonies

You probably visit your mailbox more than any other part of the landscape!

This area is often a forgotten extension of your landscaped yard so why not turn this area into a destination site in your landscape? There are many creative planting ideas for this highly visible part of your property to turn it into an appealing landscaped area.


You can dress up a SHADY MAILBOX AREA with:

• Astilbe


• Caladiums

• Colocasia


Dicentra (bleeding heart)

• Ferns


• Shade-Tolerant Grasses

You can dress up a SUNNY MAILBOX AREA with:


• Clematis


• Delphinium

• Echinacea

• Hemerocallis

• Lavendula


Lilium - Lily

Paeonia - Peony

Tips and tricks for Success:

• Aim for all-season interest. Perennial grasses and the seed heads of plants like Clematis and Echinacea remain attractive long after most flowers are finished. Daffodil bulbs tucked under an early bloomer like perennial geranium will add cheer in the spring. Contrasts in foliage colors stand out even when nothing is blooming.


• Think carefully before you plant something to clamber up the mailbox post. Keep in mind that if the post is painted, you will have to remove or cut back any vines whenever you repaint.


• Keep in mind the ultimate size of anything you plant. Your planting should stay in proportion to the mailbox, and ideally blend in with any other plantings in your yard. A shrub can serve to anchor the planting, but be very careful that it will not overwhelm the mailbox when mature.


• Choose drought tolerant bulbs and perennials or make sure that you water regularly during dry spells.