Fall Garden Projects: Plant a Fragrant Spring Bulb Garden!

Fragrant Bulb garden project Hyacinths leucojum tulip double late

Nature is simply bursting with natural intelligence!

Many plants disappear into a state of "hibernation" as winter steals across the land. Some of them hold onto their built-up reserves all winter long, using this stored nutrition as a source of energy to emerge in full glory again in the springtime. Bulbs are a good example of this natural intelligence. Once the worst of winter is over, the first little green noses are poking their way above the ground. To sparkle in the spring, especially fragrant bulbs add some extra surprise to your garden!


You can plan your own fragrant garden by planting one or more of the following:

Tips and tricks for Success:

• Close placement to the house allows us to enjoy the fragrant aroma from inside the house as well as in the garden.


• The reflected heat from a wall or patio can intensify the odors.


• If the fragrant bulbs are set out in the open yard, the wind can whisk away the scent we worked so hard to produce. Providing an enclosed space, such as a courtyard will allow the fragrance to collect and intensify; even a leeward wall will provide us with more flower power for the nose.


• Plant different types of fragrant bulbs together to have something at bloom at all times.


• Use some flowers for a cut flower bouquet to add a nice scent to the room.


• Hyacinths bulbs can cause skin irritation, therefore wash your hands after planting.