Featured Summer 2013 Plant: Canna Lilies

Canna Image Canna Image

This tropical flower comes in all shades of red, pink, yellow, orange and many combinations of colors. The large attractive foliage is mostly green pointed shaped while certain cultivars have bronze, purple or variegated foliage.


Canna make a lovely tall accent in your garden with a big impact. They can be planted in mass planting, in mixed beds and borders or in large containers.


Plant your Canna rhizomes, in rich moist soil, in a sunny location after all danger of frost has passed. Like bananas, Canna are heavy feeders. Provide plenty of compost or organic fertilizer during the growing season. They are extremely heat tolerant but thrive on heavy watering and are a great plant for any wet spots in your garden.


Canna have a long flowering period if you remove the old flowers and attract hummingbirds.


Plants can be left outside all year in zone 7-10, in all other zones lift and protect over-winter.


Main Features:

• Easy to grow;

• Grow from early summer till first frost;

• Cannas are not winter hardy, but very easy to hold over in the winter.

• Cannas multiply and every year you will have more roots and flowers.

• Flowers grow vigorously throughout the summer. When most flowers lose their vibrancy late in the summer, cannas start to look at their best.

• Usage: Cannas make great natural fence because they grow tall.

• Consumer Value: Canna bulbs are a great value! You can get eight large bulbs for $9.99. That has the same value as eight one-gallon potted Cannas that sell for around $7.00 each. That's a potential savings of about $46.00!