Fall Garden Projects: Plant a Deer-Resistant Garden

Deer can be a problem in your garden!

Planting your spring flowering bulbs and losing them to deer can be frustrating. We all know that tulips are wonderful but are also candy for deer. We also know that deer don't like daffodils, but that doesn't mean your spring bulb garden has to be a swath of yellow. If you are plagued by deer we specially selected these bulbs for you so that you can enjoy these vibrantly colored spring flowers that deer tend to avoid.


Deer Resistant Bulbs:


Fritillaria imperialis

Fritillaria meleagris

• Galanthus

• Hyacinthoides

Hyacinthus (hyacinth)

Leucojum aestivum


Narcissus (daffodil)

Tips and Tricks for Success:

• Choose a location with direct sunlight and prepare the soil so that it drains well. If the area has never been used for growing, add some compost or peat moss.


• To plant your bulbs, dig large planting holes and plant them in clusters.


• Hyacinths bulbs can cause skin irritation, therefore wash your hands after planting.


• Close placement to the house allows us to enjoy the fragrant aroma from the hyacinths inside the house as well as in the garden.


• Always water well after planting.


• If you have problems with deer and want to plant tulips, spray the bulbs with deer repellent when the bulbs are 2 inches out of the ground and when the flower bud is visible.