Plant a Butterfly Garden for Summer!

butterfly garden project liatris lilies

What could bring more joy than a beautiful butterfly fluttering around your garden?

Butterflies are beautiful and interesting creatures to watch. Creating a butterfly garden is an easy way to see more butterflies and to help them, since many natural butterfly habitats have been lost. Simply grow the bulbs and perennials they like to eat.


To encourage butterflies to visit your garden, plant one or more of the following:

• Alcea

• Buddleia

• Dianthus

• Echinacea

• Hemerocallis

• Hibiscus



Tips and tricks for Success:

• Find out which butterflies are in your area. You can do this by spending some time outdoors and see which species are around.


• Plant your butterfly garden in a sunny location sheltered from wind. Butterflies need the sun to warm themselves, but they don’t want to feed where they are constantly fighting the wind.


• There are 2 types of plants that you will want to consider. Nectar plants, which are the plants that butterflies want to feed on, and host plants, which are plants that butterflies lay their eggs on and their caterpillars like to eat.


• Providing several different types of nectar plants in your butterfly garden that have varying blooming stages is the ideal way to attract butterflies throughout the season. Be sure to have several types that bloom in late summer and early fall because this is when butterflies are the most populous. For the best looking butterfly garden plan, make sure to put the taller plants and flowers behind the shorter ones.


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